Consultancy Services

From the initial phases of contact to the final realization phases, the B PROJECT staff dedicates the utmost attention to your needs and proposes personalized solutions.

Tax Deductions

B Project offers consultancy services in requesting tax incentives for IRPEF deductions on restructuring expenses and IRPEF deductions for Energy saving (Stability Act 2015).

Tailor-made solutions

Years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the materials used allow B PROJECT to offer customized solutions for those who are unsatisfied with standard options and thus would like an ad hoc plan.

Construction Supervisor

B PROJECT also handles construction supervision, which knowingly co-ordinates all the services provided by the various specialists we use for specific expertise in various systems and structural sectors. We also provide assistance in the selection and purchase of supplies.

Energy Certification

B PROJECT also handles Energy Certification. Following an inspection and an attentive evaluation of the property, a technical report is drafted and, subsequently, an Energy Performance Certificate is issued.

Home Relooking

B PROJECT offers you the possibility of renewing your home and giving it a new look. The same procedures used to execute home staging services are followed, the only difference lies the objectives of the work. Home relooking is for those who do not intend to sell their homes, but rather to renew and enjoy living in them.


B PROJECT executes turnkey construction and restructuring work. The firm offers complete service ranging from design to the execution of construction and restructuring work..

Interior Design

B Project places its expertise and professionalism at the service of its clients, providing customized project designs for interiors and unique, exclusive furnishing solutions with painstaking attention to every detail.

Preservation and Restoration

B Project is available to those who are interested in examining the theme of restructuring their home. We work together with our clients to identify the most suitable solutions even in relation to costs and benefits.

Home automation systems

B Project designs domestic projects which are technologically predisposed for the automation of household devices and systems in order to make life easier for the inhabitants and optimize domestic consumption.

Lighting Engineering

B Project develops personalized lighting plans and lighting design, to enhance various kinds of home settings with carefully studied lighting effects.

Landscape Architecture

B Project designs and realizes parks, gardens, green areas and swimming pools.
Thanks to our professional, qualified team of experts, we offer personalized, high quality solutions.